Monday, August 19, 2013

Ok, Now I Care

I'm pretty hands-off as it relates to foreign policy.

If it's not happening in my backyard and American lives aren't at risk, I pretty much stay out of it.

So, all the "unrest" in Egypt really doesn't matter to me.

But now, there is a chance it could impact gas prices.
Photo courtesy: EPA

Ok, you've got my attention.

Apparently Egypt doesn't export a ton of oil or other means of energy itself but it does play a pretty crucial role in making sure all that delicious Texas tea gets transported to the people who need it most. (Me...)

Stupid me, forgetting all about the Suez Canal.

Shell has closed its offices in Egypt.

After five straight days of increases, oil prices were down a bit Friday. We'll see what happens today, I suppose.

Get your bike helmets ready.

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